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Citronella anti-bark collar helps you teach your dog that barking is not always accepted in a safe, humane and effective way. The collar has a sensor attached to it, which detects the barking noise and emits a harmless, but unpleasant citronella fragrance.

By smelling the disagreeable scent, hearing the scary sound made by the spray, and feeling the solution on his skin whenever he barks, the dog will soon come to associate them and learn that barking for no reason can have negative consequences

The spray anti bark collar is often the most preferred tool to correct a dog’s barking issues. Probably the biggest reason for this would be the fact that it uses only completely safe means and it does not induce any form of physical or psychological damage, as in the case of shock collars that can increase the chance of anxiety, stress or aggression. However, the citronella fragrance is so unpleasant for most dogs that, after just some days, they will understand that the only way to stop it is by not barking. Another important advantage is that it does not emit the fragrance for whining, crying or other similar manifestations, that would only induce the wrong idea that you don’t accept any sound that he makes.

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