Professional Electric Nail Drill Pen 6 Bits Nail Kit Pedicure & Manicure Polish...FREE SHIPPING...

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Professional Electric Nail Drill Pen 6 Bits Nail Nursing Kit 100-240V Pedicure & Manicure Polish Machine Nail Art Tool

Brand New Electric Nail Drill machine
Light Weight and Portable
The nail drill can be used for natural nails as well as artificial nails
Perfect for professional or home use
Variable speed control: 18000 RPM up to 20,000 RPM
Collets type: 2.4mm or 3.2mm
Voltage: AC 100-240V (According to country-specific plug) 50/60HZ
Dimension: 160mm x 24mm
Multiple using: carving, engraving, routing, grinding, sharpening, sanding, polishing, drilling and so on

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