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New 2017 Meaneor Women's Designer Parka Coat Jacket

New Designer 2017 Women's Parka Coat
High Quality Comfort & Design
All Sizes Available
3 Colors Available

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As a pioneering watchmaker, Rolex led the market from the front with its continuing technological triumphs. The 1956 Day-Date was one of those triumphs, being the first watch to feature self-changing day and date indicators. The Day-Date is offered by Rolex to every American President in office at the White House.

With Watches & Wonders fast approaching, anticipation is building for this year's haul of watches. So, we put our heads together to have a think what top watchmaker Rolex might be planning for 2022. We’ve also had a think about some other brands as well in the latest episode of our podcast. So without any further ado, here’s what we’re hoping to see from Rolex this year!


We’ve seen a handful of colours displayed on the Submariner’s bezel over the years, namely cool-toned ones like blue and green. Next up, we want to see some warmer hues from the crown, namely a fiery red bezel—it is a colour associated with royalty after all. It wouldn’t be too unusual for Rolex to play with some colour either; take a look at the Oyster Perpetual range and you’ll find an array of different coloured dials from baby-blue to sunny yellow.

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