Angel Sounds Mini Fetal Doppler Pocket Ultrasound Baby Heart Rate Monitor...FREE SHIPPING...

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Angel Sounds Mini Fetal Doppler Pocket Ultrasound Baby Heart Rate Monitor

This AngelSounds Fetal Doppler JPD-100S can detect the Fetal Heart Rate. Connecting the headset allows you to hear the sound of the fetal heartbeat. You can count the fetal heartbeat rate when listening. This device normally is applied to 12 weeks gestation or later...100% Safe For You And Baby...
- All to one integrated design,small beautiful appearance 
- Light in weight, portable to carry, easy operation
- Mainly used to detect the fetal heartbeat rate (FHR) and the sound of the fetal heartbeat.
- The probe taking the principal of fetal ultrasound to collect the fetal heart beat signals of fetus
- Strong ability of processing fetal heart signals 
- Invulnerable to outside interference
- Power with 9V dry battery
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