Rechargeable 100 Level Dog Training Collar 300meters Remote Shock Control...FREE SHIPPING...

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    Why you need a Dog Training Collar ? They are our best friends protecting our home, brings us much happiness and made many contributions to the English language. If without dogs,How could the weatherman say, "It's raining cats and dogs?" How could a husband tell his wife her cooking tastes like dog food? So when they bark crazily or lift a leg to your bicycle, pls don't kick him. Bend down and say patiently: "Let's start Training with a Petist electric collar!"
    Each pooch is unique and individual and Petist collar has your pet's well-being in mind. 4 modes of operation: vibration, electric shock, beep, flashing lights,and with 1-100 LEVELS OF ADJUSTMENT we have ensured the Petist electric collar is suitable for even your super sensitive dog who will respond positively to corrections and positive reinforcement. The collar is also adjustable to fit dogs from 10 to 120 lbs (collar sizes 11 to 19 inches)
    Rechargeable and rainproof receiver, you won't have to worry if your pup has a splash along the shoreline! And the Auto Power Protect Mode Helps Conserve Battery Life When Not In Use.
    Why choose Us? The Petist dog collar is designed with more care on dogs safety by providing extra 2 pairs of conductive silicon cases which greatly protect your dog's skin from exposing to dangerous situations and give you the fastest way to train your dog.
    Buy without worry we offer a  45-day Money Back & 18-Months Replacement Warranty and Lifetime Support Guarantee! If you are not 100% satisfied,please feel free to contact us
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