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Professional nail art kit

    36W UV curing Lamp: Tunnel style powerful UV Lamp designed for instant gel nails curing as well as for nail varnish
   Can be used with various kind of UV products, such as UV Top Coat / UV Builder Gel / etc
    Create a long-lasting and shiny finish
    Suitable for beginners or professional use
    Voltage: 110V US Plug or 240V EU Plug (We will choose the machine's voltage according to the buyer's country.)

    Safety rules:
    Always unplug the tool when you change accessory or bulb
    Do not use near or place in water. If motor falls into water, unplug not reach into water
    Do not touch the lamp bulb after use. The bulb is too hot to be touched by bare hands
    Always unplug it after use
    When the machine is not in use, all tool must be stored in a dry location.

Package Contents

    1 x UV Lamp 36w (size:190mm*170mm*85mm  3pcs bulbs* 12W=36W ) 
    2 x  UV Gel (Clear)
    1 x  UV Gel (White)
    1 x  UV Gel ( Pink )
    1 x  BURANO non sticky top coat
    1 x Nail Glue
    1 x Small Nail Cleaning Brush
    100 x False Nail - transparent
    20 x Nail Form
    1 x Nail Brush
    1 x Buffer Block
    1 x 4-way Buffer Block
    1 x Sanding File
    1 x Nail Nourishment Oil
    2 x Toe seperator
    1 x 12 Varied shapes of Rhinestones
    1 x 12 Varied Colors of pearl
    48 x Glitter Powders
    1 x nail art sticker
    1 x false nail cutter
    1 x false nail toe
    1 x cutter

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